The New Majority

The New Majority podcast highlights accomplished Latino professionals whose insights and stories you cannot readily find in other shows. The US Latino population is growing each year, but that demographic growth hasn’t been reflected in the percentage of Latinos in corporate leadership positions. We want The New Majority to be a resource for successful Latino professionals as well as showcase their expertise to further elevate Latino leadership.

In each episode, host Mauricio Cruz interviews leaders and innovators about their leadership insights, industry expertise, and success stories.

Season One: The Class of 2018

The first season of The New Majority highlights our Class of 2018 members and their inspiring stories and expertise. Over the span of seven episodes, these Class members speak about entrepreneurship, board directorship, mentorship, making democracy inclusive, and more.

Episode One: The Entrepreneurs

Host Mauricio Cruz speaks with three entrepreneurs: Miguel González Herranz, COO and cofounder of FounderNest; Rami Reyes, cofounder of NextEquity Partners; and Nuria Santamaría Wolfe, CEO and cofounder of Encantos Media Studios. They shared how they developed their entrepreneurial mind-set, how being Latino provided them with unexpected keys to success, and how one can break free from risk aversion.

Episode Two: The Financiers

In separate interviews, host Mauricio Cruz speaks with two inspiring, Latino financiers. In the first interview, investor Codie Sanchez shares her mission-driven perspective in finance and how she combats bias as a Latina. The second interview features Bank of America Merrill Lynch’s Julian Parra, who emphasizes the importance of current leaders not only mentoring the next generation of financiers but also sharing each others’ stories and supporting one another.

Episode Three: The Top Latinas
Part One—Adela Cepeda

In part one of two, host Mauricio Cruz speaks with Adela Cepeda, managing director at PFM. Cepeda shares her path to board directorship, the importance of becoming an expert in your field of interest, and how networking can open doors for board director opportunities.

Episode Three: The Top Latinas
Part Two—Emilia Lopez

In part two of two, host Mauricio Cruz speaks with Emilia Lopez, senior vice president of US Card Customer Resiliency at Capital One. Lopez tells us about her very first mentor relationships, and the importance of constructive feedback from both the mentor and mentee.

Episode Four: The Trailblazers
Part One—Nellie Gorbea

In part one of two, host Mauricio Cruz speaks with Rhode Island Secretary of State Nellie Gorbea. Gorbea, who is the first Hispanic person elected to statewide office in New England, shares the importance of making democracy inclusive and how making an impact in politics is more than just casting your vote.

Episode Four: The Trailblazers
Part Two—Ellen Ochoa

In part two of two, host Mauricio Cruz speaks with veteran astronaut Ellen Ochoa about the trailblazers she looked up to during her NASA career, how she is motivating the next generation of STEM leaders, and how leaders can learn from challenges and setbacks.

Episode Five: The Culture Connectors

In the final episode of season one, host Mauricio Cruz speaks with four of Culture Connectors at the 2018 Leadership Summit: Nike’s Jorge Casimiro, Adira Consulting’s Eva Hughes, Google’s Laura Marquez, and ADP’s Rita Mitjans. The four connectors speak on how autenticidad, or authenticity, plays an important role in the characteristics of being a great leader.

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