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5 Insights for Latino Professionals from Marissa Solis

5 Insights for Latino Professionals from Marissa Solis

NFL’s Marissa Solis draws from thirty years of expertise to share five key pieces of advice for Latino professionals at all career stages

When looking to the future of work in America, especially concerning the Latino community, Marissa Solis has one thing to say: dream big and take risks. Emigrating from the Rio Grande Valley in Mexico to the US at age ten, her family instilled her with the values of hard work and seizing opportunities.

Now, as the senior vice president (SVP) of global brand and consumer marketing at the National Football League (NFL), Solis calls upon those values to uplift underrepresented communities, staying true to her roots while reshaping the league’s narrative.

Transitioning from her role as SVP of core brands, partnerships, and media with PepsiCo to the NFL was a no-brainer for Solis. As she puts it, “I couldn’t pass up the opportunity with the platform what it is and the ability for me to elevate my community and other communities that don’t always get their stories told or their voices heard.”

Under Solis’s stewardship, the 2024 Super Bowl became the league’s most successful to date, with record viewership from women and Latinos. With innovative changes attracting diverse audiences, Solis’s impact is undeniable. Notably, her efforts to engage the Latino community have yielded remarkable results, reflecting her commitment to inclusivity.

The Alumni Society Cofounder Pedro A. Guerrero spoke with Solis at Catalyst Dallas on February 15 about her career journey and the insights she has for fellow Hispanic professionals.

Here are the top five takeaways from their conversation:

1. Adopt a growth mindset beyond the business. Focus more on making a meaningful impact. 

At PepsiCo, she established the Hispanic Business Unit, which creates, markets, and sells products for Latinos by Latinos. She argues that purpose-driven leadership is paramount to success. “Yes, you have to grow the business, but you also have to ensure that what you do impacts communities positively. It’s like profit with purpose—profitable purpose, if you will,” Solis says.

2. Recognize the power of the Latino community. It’s where the growth is. 

“We know that if we’re going to be relevant in the future and we’re going to have a relevant fan base, we have to reach out to Latinos and ensure they feel like they’re part of the NFL family,” Solis says.

3. Your vision must transcend more than mere statistics or data or market trends. 

It should be about building a community where everyone feels valued and included. Sticking to your company’s core values and focusing on what stories they want to tell—what stories they must tell—is crucial. While it may isolate some consumers, Solis believes you have to do what is right for the communities you serve and meet them where they’re at.

4. Network with not only other Latinos, but people from all walks of life.

Fostering diversity isn’t only important when it comes to the NFL. When it comes to professional development, Solis says networking is everything. Her biggest piece of advice: “Make sure your network is vast and diverse.”

5. Success is about more than just climbing the corporate ladder—it’s about staying true to one’s roots and values. 

“Take risks. Go on the path less traveled,” she advises young Latinas, encouraging them to embrace their cultural heritage and forge their own paths to success.

Marissa Solis is more than just a corporate executive—she’s a trailblazer, a champion of diversity, and a beacon of inspiration for future leaders. Through her work at the NFL, she’s not only reshaping the league’s image but also paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable future by pushing boundaries and defying expectations.

The Alumni Society hosted Catalyst Dallas in partnership with Liberty Mutual, on February 15, 2024, at The Adolphus in Dallas, featuring a conversation between The Alumni Society Cofounder Pedro A. Guerrero and member Marissa Solis.

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