The Alumni Society is for Latino leaders who have graduated from highly selective universities and colleges that seek to build meaningful connections.


The Alumni Society member qualification guidelines are based on the following: self-identification as Latino/Hispanic, university affiliation, and seniority level.

University Affiliation

Members of The Alumni Society have received a bachelor, masters, or doctoral degree from one or more of the following universities:

1. Brown University                                                        10. Northwestern University
2. Columbia University                                                  11. Princeton University
3. Cornell University                                                       12. Stanford University
4. Dartmouth College                                                     13. University of California, Berkeley
5. Duke University                                                           14. University of California, Los Angeles
6. Georgetown University                                             15. University of Chicago
7. Harvard University                                                     16. University of Notre Dame
8. Johns Hopkins University                                        17. University of Pennsylvania
9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology                18. Yale University

Seniority Level

The majority of our members are at mid- to senior-level in their career with at least 7+ years of experience. Roles include board member, chief officer, president, vice president, partner, director, and senior manager.


The Alumni Society is a complimentary membership organization for qualifying Latino leaders to gain access to a premier Latino networking platform.


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Emiko Daniel

Membership Coordinator

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