Our exclusive events serve as a networking platform for members and partners to connect, learn from one another, and grow together. These members-only events, both in-person and virtual, range in scale and format to deliver results that elevate Latino leadership. From our annual Leadership Summit to our Influencers Dinners and virtual SocietyCast series, we unite and amplify the voices of the most brilliant Latino minds in America.


The strength in our network lies in our members, which makes health and safety paramount. In support of COVID-19 prevention efforts, we are moving our 2020 large-scale events, including our annual Leadership Summit and the new A2A: Alumni to Alumni regional event series, to an immersive online experience! 

Upcoming Virtual Events

2020 Leadership Summit Online
October 15, 2020

The Alumni Society’s annual Leadership Summit isn’t just a conference. It’s a transformative experience that activates a network of top Latino business leaders in the United States and facilitates long-lasting relationships with like-minded leaders.

This event has passed. Watch full interviews here.

A2A: Alumni to Alumni Series
July 16 and November 12, 2020

A2A: Alumni to Alumni, the newest series of events from The Alumni Society, is a unique peer learning experience that features strategic networking and vibrant ten-minute Lightning Talks aimed at facilitating ongoing inspiration, insights, and innovation.

These events have passed. Watch the talks here.

Virtual Happy Hours

Connect with fellow members of The Alumni Society from your alma mater or industry for a lively chat via video conference.

Host a happy hour

Notre Dame Happy Hour
November 18
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SocietyCast is The Alumni Society’s digital speaker series that places thought leaders from our community on the digital “stage.” Featuring fifteen minutes of powerful programming followed by an interactive Q&A session.

Careers at Facebook, a 3-part SocietyCast series
September 17
October 1
December 9

SocietyCast featuring Patty McCarthy
…on the power of networking during career transitions
November 19
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To learn more about The Alumni Society events or to nominate a speaker, contact:

Jill Ortiz

Senior Events Manager

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