The gap between the labor force and executive representation is wider among Latinos than any other group. The Alumni Society is committed to advancing Latino corporate leadership by connecting members directly with top US companies.

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Explore opportunities with Accenture.

If you are interested in applying to roles at Accenture, please submit this form and you will receive an email with instructions on how to proceed with an application. Questions? Email Accenture recruiter Jarinelva Garcia and mention The Alumni Society!




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Multiple locations
Relationship Manager, Aladdin – VP

*When applying to roles at BlackRock, please make sure to select The Alumni Society for the job source option.


Liberty Mutual

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Alternative Equity Counsel, Investments Legal
Managing Director, Corporate Strategy & Research

Multiple locations, remote
Director, Brand Research and Insights

If you are interested in any of the roles at Liberty Mutual, please apply online and also email Liberty Mutual’s DEI Programs & Partnerships team at [email protected]


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Cristina Merrill

Communications and Engagement Manager