Dr. Ruben Perczek – 2021 Leadership Summit Speaker


Founder and President


Alma Mater: Stanford University

Doc Ruben is the founder and president of Zone14, a global high-impact firm that helps small to mid-size companies to bring out the best of their people to create the outcomes they want while leading excellence in society.

Globally leading as a Latino American voice, Doc Ruben is a designer, strategist, and educator of high-performance cultures. He works across the world, with owners, senior executives, public leaders, head, and coaches, on issues including high-performance culture development, senior executive alignment, coaching staff and team alignment, executive leadership development, and social impact.

If you’re looking to engage with Doc Ruben as a speaker in your event or build the skills to leap out of the box in you, your team, or organization, please email Susana at susana@zone14.com.

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