2024 Leadership Summit Speaker

Dr. Esther Zeledón

President and Co-Founder


Dr. Esther Zeledón is a master of transforming dreams into tangible, actionable realities. Her profound expertise bridges the abstract with positive action, generating lasting, transformative, and measurable outcomes in all her endeavors. Embodying the resilient spirit of a Latina immigrant, her trailblazing career as an international life coach, author, speaker, workshop facilitator, former diplomat, humanitarian, entrepreneur and scientist has transformed the lives and careers of thousands worldwide. Her work bridges gaps across communities, corporations, cultures and countries, making her a revered figure in global transformation. Drawing from her wealth of experience with communities, corporations, cultures, and countries worldwide, Dr. Zeledón has developed a powerful formula for balanced success and brilliant productivity that sparks authentic, mission-driven growth in organizations and empowers individuals to envision and manifest their own limitless lives. Her book and workbook, “Creating Your Limitless Life,” have sold thousands of copies and reached the #1 spot on Amazon. These works blend her personal memoir with her life-changing “how to” methodology, tracing her journey from living paycheck-to-paycheck to creating a life centered around purpose and alignment. Through her entrepreneurial journey and the global movement she has initiated, Dr. Zeledón fulfills her purpose of elevating individuals and organizations to shatter limits and trailblaze new paths.