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New Member Spotlight: Oliver Perez

New Member Spotlight: Oliver Perez

Meet Oliver Perez

An ongoing series from The Alumni Society spotlighting its impressive members

Alma mater:

Dartmouth College

Where are you from?

I grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut and Mexico City. I’m first generation Mexican American.

Where are you based now?

Minneapolis, Minnesota.

What are you up to today?

I’m the director of marketing for the Heartland region at Red Bull North America. I lead all marketing efforts for the brand in the seven states of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Idaho, Nebraska, Kansas, and Montana.

What is a career accomplishment you’re proud of?

I’m a learner and a tinkerer and I love being the first to do something. I’ve been fortunate to do this a few times in my career. While at General Mills, I led the first brand partnership with WWE as a brand manager on Totino’s. It proved so successful that General Mills ended up partnering with WWE multiple times across multiple brands.

What benefits or values do you seek in networking platforms such as The Alumni Society?

I want to connect with other Latinos that are driving success in corporate America. Learn from them, and hopefully even find ways to collaborate with them professionally.

What are you passionate about or what drives you?

I’m passionate about learning, solving problems, and hopefully putting up wins for my brands and my teams in the process.

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