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Eduardo Weinstein
Eduardo Weinstein Builds Connections at Meta

Eduardo Weinstein shares how connecting with individuals from his community has not only advanced his career but helped him do the same for others

Kenneth Correa
Kenneth Correa Invests in Young Leaders

Kenneth Correa shares the importance of helping young people get a seat at the table

Nichol Garzon
Nichol Garzon Elevates Her Journey to Inspire Others

Nichol Garzon has made it a priority to document her career trajectory as a Latina leader to inspire the next generation of leaders to do the same

Norma Padron
Norma Padron Builds Inclusive Communities

Norma Padron launched her company EmpiricaLab as a solo founder with a dedication to connection community involvement and fostering an inclusive culture

Sylvia Banderas Coffinet
Sylvia Banderas Coffinet Tells Diverse Stories

Sylvia Banderas Coffinet’s passion for equity and community fuels her work as CEO for Latino Media Network