Class of 2024

TAS Class of 2024 Adriel Lares
Class of 2024: Adriel Lares, Chelsea FC

Adriel Lares is the CFO of Chelsea FC

TAS Class of 2024 Alejandra Campoverdi
Class of 2024: Alejandra Campoverdi, Author and Advocate

Alejandra Campoverdi is the author of First Gen and a women’s health advocate

TAS Class of 2024 Ana Marie Argilagos
Class of 2024: Ana Marie Argilagos, Hispanics in Philanthropy

Ana Marie Argilagos is the president and CEO of Hispanics in Philanthropy

TAS Class of 2024 James Lodcua
Class of 2024: James Loduca, Nike Inc.

James Loduca is the chief diversity, equity, and inclusion officer at Nike

TAS Class of 2024 Maria Salamanca
Class of 2024: Maria Salamanca, Ulu Ventures

Maria Salamanca is a partner at Ulu Ventures

TAS Class of 2024 Miguel Leal
Class of 2024: Miguel Leal, SOMOS Foods

Miguel Leal is the cofounder and CEO of SOMOS Foods

TAS Class of 2024 Nathalie Rayes
Class of 2024: Nathalie Rayes, US Ambassador to Croatia

Nathalie Rayes is the US ambassador to Croatia

TAS Class of 2024 Sarah Aiosa
Class of 2024: Sarah Aiosa, Merck

Sarah Aiosa is the president for Latin America at Merck

TAS Class of 2024 Sebastian Zugman
Class of 2024: Sebastian Zugman, Bank of America

Sebastian Zugman is the Issues Management Oversight Executive for the CFO group at Bank of America

TAS Class of 2024 William Rivera
Class of 2024: William Alvarado Rivera, AARP Foundation

William Rivera is the senior vice president for litigation at the AARP Foundation