Conexión Makes Great Leaders

Conexión, our theme for 2023, is a reminder of the cultural connection that bonds us and a call to embrace the exponential power we wield when we move as one. Conexión is about strengthening our ties, expanding our collective knowledge and reach, and driving change that centers Latinos as the future of America.

Which brings us to the Class of 2023.

For these ten leaders, conexión has never been a “nice to have,” it’s been a crucial part of their success. The leaders of industry you see today were once young and hungry graduates and early career professionals who benefitted from mentors, like-minded peers, and their community at large to help guide their path.

They share a strong desire to remain connected to where they came from and inspire the next generation.

And part of this means being the change they want to see and stepping into leadership so rising Latino professionals can see people who look like them in virtually every kind of role and leadership position. Our Class of 2023 leads by example, opens previously closed doors, and lifts others as they climb and conquer new arenas.

Meet The Class of 2023