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Orlando Gomez – A2A: Alumni to Alumni Speaker

Orlando Gomez – A2A: Alumni to Alumni Speaker


Senior Business Development

Web3 Familia

Alma mater: Dartmouth

Orlando is a first-generation Mexican-American from Chicago’s South Side. His parents are from a small ranch town called Jesús del Monte, Guanajuato and his dad settled in Chicago as a steelworker after working the strawberry fields in California. Orlando’s career started as an assistant store manager at a Walmart Supercenter. Shortly afterwards, he left Walmart to work in a Charles Schwab call center, where he received his broker licenses and eventually pivoted to private wealth management at Credit Suisse.

After private wealth, he joined the Peace Corps and lived in the Sierra of Peru for two years advising small businesses, teaching youth entrepreneurship, leading financial literacy workshops, and starting a baseball little league.

Upon returning to the US, he started his MBA program at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and went on to investment banking in New York City upon graduation. After banking, he transitioned to tech and is currently building out the startups program at Drift. In addition to that, he founded Web3 Familia, an education DAO focused on onboarding one million Latinos to Web3.