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TAS Congratulates Carla Vernón on being named CEO of the Honest Company

TAS Congratulates Carla Vernón on being named CEO of the Honest Company

The Alumni Society member and Princeton alumna Carla Vernón has been appointed as the new CEO of The Honest Company, starting Jan. 9, 2023. Carla is one of the only Afro-Latina CEOs at a U.S. publicly-traded company.

The Honest Company (NASDAQ: HNST) is a mission-driven, digitally-native brand focused on leading the clean lifestyle movement, creating a community for conscious consumers and seeking to disrupt multiple consumer product categories. Founded by Jessica Alba in 2012, Honest has been dedicated to creating thoughtfully formulated, safe and effective personal care, beauty, baby and household products, which are available via, and at more than 32,000 retail locations across the United States, Canada and Europe. For more information about the Honest Standard and the Company, please visit

“That is what is so unique about The Honest Company. This brand was built to bring a rumble of change across industries, leading the way to bring clean and ethical products to the mainstream. And, we will continue doing that with products designed in new and better ways that meet today’s and tomorrow’s needs.”

Carla Vernón ( Incoming Chief Executive Officer, The Honest Company )

Watch here for a lightning talk featuring the incoming CEO, Carla Vernón on the courage to use your voice.