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ThinkNow and Guerrero Media Release Survey to Collect Latino Executive Feedback

ThinkNow and Guerrero Media Release Survey to Collect Latino Executive Feedback

Survey results will be compiled into the Executive Leadership Index, which will provide direct insight into what diverse executives and in particular Latino executives expect from their organizations and thereby drive employee retention and better business results. The survey is open to Latino executives until 11:59 p.m. ET on Thursday, September 30.

CHICAGO, Il.—Organizational diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) goals around senior level leadership are about to become more attainable thanks to a new survey aimed at Latino executives.

ThinkNow, a market research firm that demystifies diverse communities through research technology, and Guerrero Media, an executive communications and advancement firm with a strong foothold in the executive Latino community, have partnered for a research project whose data will help organizations recruit and retain executive Latino talent. Results will be compiled into the Executive Leadership Index, a proprietary insights tool that will be available for distribution to hiring managers, employee resource groups, CEOs, and anyone else tasked with recruiting, retaining, and nurturing diverse talent.

This survey is for mid- to senior-level Latino leaders only.


Latino executives who opt to take this anonymous survey will assist Fortune 1000 companies in shaping decisions that help thousands of employees feel more included and engaged in the workplace. The Executive Leadership Index will be available for distribution later this year.

“What is missing from the myriad of important and much needed investments in diversity and inclusion initiatives is the voice of the mid- to senior-level leader. It’s important that companies know how to cater to this high-level leader given their influence and ability to impact change and drive strategy at their organization,” says Guerrero Media CEO and Cofounder Pedro A. Guerrero. “Guerrero Media is proud to partner with ThinkNow, a company that is similar to ours in that we both are independent, Latino-owned companies and have been working in DEI long before it became fashionable. We are excited to leverage the collective voices of the executives connected to our Hispanic networks —The Alumni Society, Hispanic Executive, and NextGen Collective—to enable corporate America to better understand the diverse executive’s unique needs and wants.”

“We want to know what companies can do to not only better recruit talent but retain and develop it—while fostering a sense of belonging through investments in career growth,” says ThinkNow Cofounder and Principal Mario Carrasco. “Companies cannot expect to attract and ultimately retain diverse executives if they do not understand what this population wants and needs in order to thrive in an organization. To make a company diverse from top to bottom, retaining diverse executives is imperative.”

For more information on the Executive Leadership Index and/or survey, please reach out to Cristina Merrill at [email protected].

Human resources professionals and others who are responsible for organizational diversity metrics can request a copy of the Executive Leadership Index by emailing [email protected].


Guerrero Media works with executives, entrepreneurs, and aspiring business leaders to harness the power of their stories to ignite change in their organizations. Their portfolio of brands includes American Builders Quarterly, American Healthcare Leader, Hispanic Executive, Modern Counsel, and Profile. Guerrero Media is also the organization behind The Alumni Society, a networking organization for Latinos who attended the nation’s top universities, and NextGen Collective, a networking platform for mid-level Latinx professionals. Learn more at


ThinkNow is a market research firm that demystifies diverse communities through research technology. The firm also owns and operates one of the largest and most representative Hispanic online panels in the industry,, which provides sample to leading market research companies around the world. Learn more at