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The Alumni Society Releases its Class of 2018 List

The Alumni Society Releases its Class of 2018 List

Astronaut Ellen Ochoa, Secretary of State for Rhode Island Nellie Gorbea, and Other Latino Leaders Recognized in The Alumni Society’s Class of 2018

The Alumni Society released its fourth annual Class of 2018, which includes Ellen Ochoa, Nellie Gorbea, Jorge Casimiro, and twenty-two more high-achieving Latino leaders

Class of 2018
Back row: Codie Sanchez, CS Ventures; Chris Perez, Goldman Sachs; Rami Reyes, NextEquity Partners; Miguel González Herranz, FounderNest; Jorge Casimiro, Nike; and Julian Parra, Bank of America Merrill Lynch. Front row: Laura Marquez, Google; Francesca de Quesada Covey, Facebook; Ellen Ochoa, NASA (retired); Adela Cepeda, PFM Advisory; and Rita Mitijans, ADP. (Photo by Gillian Fry)

NEW YORK, NY—The Alumni Society announced its fourth annual Class of 2018 ahead of its 2018 Leadership Summit: New York. The annual Class highlights twenty-five high-achieving Latino business leaders, entrepreneurs, and influencers in the Alumni Society network.

This year’s Class selection includes many prominent Latinos and Latinas: Ellen Ochoa, veteran astronaut and former director of NASA’s Johnson Space Center; Nellie Gorbea, Secretary of State for Rhode Island; Jorge Casimiro, vice president of global community impact at Nike; and Jose Cedeño, senior vice president of growth and innovation at Sony Music.

“The Alumni Society has grown to more than 3,000 members, with a dizzying amount of success stories within this distinguished group,” says Pedro A. Guerrero, CEO and cofounder of The Alumni Society. “Each year, we select a group of members that represents the breadth of talent and experience represented in The Alumni Society as a whole. By sharing their insights, we are elevating Latino leadership across the US.”

Along with recognition at the 2018 Leadership Summit held in New York City on June 21, 2018, the Class members will be featured on The Alumni Society website. Throughout the end of 2018, the features will be released in five groups: the Entrepreneurs, the Financiers, the Top Latinas, the Trailblazers, and the Culture Connectors.

The Alumni Society will also be releasing its first-ever podcast—The New Majority—alongside each group of Class members. The New Majority will provide insights and guidance for leaders at every level of their career, from the emerging millennial leader to the corporate board director. New Majority host and Alumni Society member Mauricio Cruz will be speaking with today’s leading Latino leaders, starting with the Class of 2018, about their leadership insights, industry expertise, and success stories.

The New Majority will be available on iTunes and Google Play. The first five episodes will center on the Class of 2018 and will be released alongside each group.

The Class of 2018 serves as a reminder that even though we work to democratize the path to senior-level leadership, we are not without pioneers who raised the bar and serve as role models for other Latino professionals.

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Entrepreneurs, released July 1

  1. Tom Chavez, CEO and founder of Krux Inc. (a Salesforce company)
  2. Miguel González Herranz, cofounder and COO, FounderNest
  3. James Gutierrez, CEO and founder, Insikt
  4. Rami Reyes, founder, NextEquity Partners
  5. Nuria Santamaría Wolfe, CEO and cofounder, Encantos Media PBC

Financiers, released August 1

  1. Carlos Maymí, vice president, Moddy’s Investors Service
  2. Peter Mintzberg, chief strategy officer and global head of corporate development, OppenheimerFunds
  3. Julian Parra, senior vice president and region executive, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
  4. Chris Perez, managing director, Goldman Sachs
  5. Codie Sanchez, founder, investor, and speaker, CS Ventures

Top Latinas, released September 1

  1. Adela Cepeda, managing director, PFM
  2. Kimberley Casiano, board director, Ford Motor Company
  3. Ana Fuentevilla, chief medical officer and Optum Population Health Solutions, UnitedHealth Group
  4. Emilia Lopez, managing vice president of US Card, Capital One
  5. Carla Vernón, president of Annie’s, General Mills

Trailblazers, October 1

  1. Miriam Aguirre, senior vice president of engineering, Skillz
  2. Jose Cedeño, senior vice president of growth and innovation, Sony Music
  3. Nellie Gorbea, Secretary of State, Rhode Island
  4. Ellen Ochoa, former director of Johnson Space Center, NASA
  5. Francesca de Quesada Covey, head of jobs and services partnerships, Facebook

Culture Connectors, November 1

  1. Jorge Casimiro, vice president of global community impact and president of Nike Foundation, Nike
  2. Eva Hughes, CEO and founder, Adira Consulting
  3. Laura Marquez, head of Latino community engagement, Google
  4. Rita Mitjans, chief diversity and corporate social responsibility officer, ADP
  5. Kecia Paredes, vice president of Hispanic Shopper Marketing, Geometry Global