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Maximizing the potential of all of our people


At Goldman Sachs, we know that our people are pivotal to our success and our culture of excellence and innovation. We prioritize the development and engagement of our people because we have experienced the power of maximizing their potential to address the complex and interesting situations our clients face.

Our strategy is to take a person-by-person approach to talent development, which fosters an inclusive environment that encourages people to bring their whole selves to work. We integrate our diversity efforts into the firm’s business strategy and leverage the commitment of managers and senior leaders to effectively execute these initiatives and create accountability. 

The firm’s diversity strategy also includes increasing awareness, building a pipeline of diverse talent, integrating diversity considerations into human capital processes such as training, succession planning, and promotions, and creating metrics to measure progress. To ensure accountability for our efforts, we have established a diversity governance structure that includes a diversity committee in each region where we operate. Goldman Sachs is proud to partner with The Alumni Society to continue to build the pipeline of Hispanic/Latino leaders.

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