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Emilia Lopez’s Mission-Driven Path to Leadership

When Emilia Lopez left her home country of Colombia to pursue a MBA at the…

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Ana Fuentevilla on How Education Plays a Role in Her Success

Ana Fuentevilla speaks about how her education transformed her career and why she encourages young people to follow in her footsteps.

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Carla Vernón Unique Path to Leadership at General Mills

Carla Vernón discusses teh many ways her path influences how she leads today as president of Annie’s Operating Unit at General Mills.

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Kimberly Casiano Extends Her Reach Into, and Out of, the Boardroom

Entrepreneurship runs in Kimberly Casiano’s family. Her father founded Casiano Communications Inc. in the 1970s,…

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Adela Cepeda Uses Her Leadership to Open Doors for Others

When Adela Cepeda’s husband passed away in 1995, she suddenly found herself the sole breadwinner…