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New Member Spotlight: Lilian Coral

New Member Spotlight: Lilian Coral

Meet Lilian Coral

An ongoing series from The Alumni Society spotlighting its impressive members

 Alma mater: UCLA | Location: Los Angeles & Washington, DC

Where are you from?

Cali, Colombia

What do you do?

I am the vice president of technology and democracy programs at New America. I oversee New America’s work on a broad range of issues at the intersection of technology and democracy at a time when digital equity, privacy concerns, online free expression, and other key tech policy issues are at the forefront of US public debate.

What is a career accomplishment you’re proud of?

I have been able to navigate across various sectors to address technology and democracy issues. In philanthropy, I led a portfolio that invested more than $55 million across more than 120 grantees, centered around data accessibility and trust, urban mobility, and technology in public spaces. As chief data officer for the City of Los Angeles, I managed the growth of Los Angeles’ open data program to 1,100 public datasets, enterprise tools, and use of data science and analytics, and the development of more than 15 user-centered digital services. And all with a focus on centering people, their needs and lived experiences.

In the spirit of giving and receiving, what do you seek from this network and what do you want to contribute?

Opportunities to leverage each other’s knowledge and work to drive greater impact.

What is a fun fact about you that you’d like to share with the network?

Fun is hard with two toddlers (Luca – 4.5 and Nina – 3), but, I love live music when I can get to it. I am also a professional solo traveler and have been on every continent except Australia.

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