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Recap: Influencers Dinner Seattle

Recap: Influencers Dinner Seattle

Recap: Influencers Dinner Seattle

The Alumni Society hosts its first event in Seattle with one of its newest partners, T-Mobile 

By Frannie Sprouls, Photos by Erin Lodi

OCTOBER 11—Thirty thought leaders and business influencers in the tech industry met for the 2018 Influencers Dinner: Seattle. The event, hosted by T-Mobile, is the first event held in the Pacific Northwest city.

“In my experience, something magical can happen when you get the right people in the same room together,” said Pedro A. Guerrero, CEO and cofounder of The Alumni Society. “I think our community needs a platform for Latinos in positions of influence to come together and connect in a meaningful way.”

Holli Martinez T-Mobile
Holli Martinez, VP of Diversity & Inclusion, T-Mobile

The topic for the dinner, held at Canlis, was “Trailblazers Building Bridges.” Questions that Guerrero pitched to attendees included: “How are you innovating and trailblazing in your own industry? How are you building the bridges to help create a more inclusive culture?”

Holli Martinez, vice president of diversity and inclusion at T-Mobile, thanked all attendees. “It’s not often that we are able to find community here in Seattle,” she said. “I’m so thankful for each of you who are leaders where you are. As each of us drives our culture, each one of us is responsible for the environment we create.”

The event brought together leaders from Amazon, Microsoft, KPMG, Starbucks, and more.

More photos of the event can be found on our Facebook page.