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Antonio Alvarez Is Happy Where He Is

Antonio Alvarez Is Happy Where He Is

Conversations about worker satisfaction and the challenges of the so-called Great Resignation are everywhere right now, but there’s one person who’s very happy to be exactly where he is.

Antonio Alvarez, a native of Madrid, Spain, has been with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for over a decade. Today, he is the managing director and partner in BCG’s Miami office, mainly focused on retail, consumer goods, and transformations.

“I have been with BCG eleven years now, of which the last seven have been in our Miami office,” he says on the company website. “My motivation for the ongoing journey at BCG is the nature of challenges: I can really see how I can continue to learn and grow every day. Part of it [is] the high-impact projects we do and the clients we have, but mostly it is about our people . . . everyone here is amazing! And Miami also has something to do [with it] . . . we are for sure the most diverse and fun office you’ll be able to find!”

It’s certainly an interesting time for Alvarez and his colleagues. BCG reached many key goals in 2021, including joining six other leading businesses to become a founding partner of Breakthrough Energy Catalyst, a groundbreaking program designed to accelerate the development of the climate-smart technologies necessary to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, according to a BCG press release.

BCG also entered a partnership with Solution Seeker, the foremost developer of AI solutions in upstream oil and gas and a key player in that industry with an international roster of fuel industry partners, per a BCG press release.

In terms of his own career accomplishments, Alvarez has cited “partnering with the CEO and C-level execs of one of my clients in a two-year transformation that delivered $10 billion of value and moved the company from bottom to top quartile TSR vs. peers.”

In addition to work, Alvarez is passionate about spending time with his wife and three children. He enjoys seeing others grow and encouraging them to change their mindsets and attitudes in ways that drive value creation and impact. He’s also an avid sports enthusiast, particularly when it comes to soccer, and believes bitcoin and cryptos are the future.