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Mónica Ramírez Gives a Voice to the 19 Percent

Ramírez has a long history of standing up for the rights of Latinos everywhere and cooking up all kinds of ideas and organizations aimed at raising awareness. As someone who comes from a family of farmworkers, Ramírez has deep knowledge of this population, and she strives to represent them.

Samara Mejia Hernandez
Money Goes Where It Matters When Samara Mejia Hernandez Is in Charge

A serial investor, Samara Mejia Hernandez works to fund a diverse range of businesses through Chingona Ventures

Anne Alonzo
Anne Alonzo Has a Vision for Food and Agriculture

Anne Alonzo, the SVP of external affairs and chief sustainability officer of Corteva Agriscience, is working hard to combat global food security

Alicia Menendez
Alicia Menendez Wants Latinas Everywhere to Have Their Closeup

Journalist Alicia Menendez shares just about every platform she possibly can with Latinas in a successful effort to make sure they are heard

Dianne Morales
Dianne Morales Has the Courage to Defy Expectations

Dianne Morales, New York City native and nonprofit pro, is pursuing the Big Apple’s highest office

Lizette Williams
Lizette Williams Knows Showing Empathy Is Key in Visible Leadership

Facebook’s Global Head of Vertical Solutions Marketing Lizette Williams actively builds personal relationships with her team members

Miguel Blancarte Jr.
Miguel Blancarte Jr. Affects Change in His Own Backyard

CORE’s Regional Director of Community Engagement, Health Equity, and Partnerships Miguel Blancarte Jr. refuses to cower in the face of COVID-19

Alicia Guevara
Alicia Guevara’s Passion Is Also Her Life’s Work

Alicia Guevara, CEO of Big Brothers Big Sisters of NYC, has a long legacy of working to improve the lives of the city’s young people

Paola Ramos
Paola Ramos Wants You to Use Your Voice

Journalist and activist Paola Ramos is happy to remind the Latinx community that each individual within it matters

Peter Zaldivar
Peter Zaldivar Has a Global Focus but Never Loses His Personal Touch

Cofounder of Kabouter Management Peter Zaldivar takes pride in running a diverse global investment firm that supports the individual needs of employees