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Chris Perez Knows How to Build Successful Careers

Chris Perez shares how he navigates the world of finance—and why successful careers are based on doing what you’re good at, not what you think you should be doing.

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Codie Sanchez’s Subversive Approach to Serving Her Causes—and Her Career

Codie Sanchez speaks about what drives her, the advantages that Latino professionals can leverage, and the small steps that anyone can take to help make big differences in the world.

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For Peter Mintzberg, Global Perspective Is Key to Business Success

Peter Mintzberg explains the lessons he learned from his global experiences and how they continue to impact his career at OppenheimerFunds.

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Carlos Maymí Finds the Best of Both Worlds at Moody’s and US Navy Reserve

Carlos Maymí shares how his dual careers in the Navy Reserve and on Wall Street at Moody’s Investors Service have helped him find success.

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Julian Parra on the Importance of Diversifying the Finance Industry

Julian Parra discusses the importance of diversity and inclusion and of recognizing the importance of working with mentors.