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Rachel ten Brink
Rachel ten Brink Wants to Be the Example, Not the Exception

Rachel ten Brink reflects on being part of a very short list of big movers in Latina VC and how she lends her expertise to nonprofit organizations

Alberto Jiménez
Alberto Jiménez Knows the Importance of Visibility

IBM’s Alberto Jiménez speaks on the pride he has in his team and how he invests back into the community and future Latino leaders

Christopher Beck
Christopher Beck Drives Organizational and Leadership Growth

Christopher Beck talks representation and the need for more Latinos in the boardroom

Hector Mujica
Hector Mujica Helps Find Opportunities for Those Who Need It Most

Hector Mujica has spent over a decade finding ways to grant opportunities to underserved communities and individuals

Megan Hogan
Megan Hogan Leads Diversity and Talent Efforts at Goldman Sachs

Megan Hogan reflects on the importance of diversity, allyship, and overcoming structural barriers in her career

Jimena Almendares
The Head and the Heart

Jimena Almendares has worked in more than sixteen countries across North America, Latin America, Europe,…

Maria Theresa Kumar
All Hands on Deck

María Teresa Kumar knows that there has never been a more important moment than now…

Being the Bridge

“When I hear those who are in senior leadership talk about the privilege of millennials,…

Jose Tolosa
In Front of and Behind the Camera

As the highest-ranking Latino at Viacom, an entertainment-industry giant, Jose Tolosa believes it’s his duty…

Jean-Marc Corredor
The Multicultural Advocate for Neurodiversity

Jean-Marc Corredor entered kindergarten speaking French, Spanish, and English. His Cuban father and French mother…