Extraordinary Year. Exceptional Leaders.
Remarkable Leaders.

It’s becoming more and more difficult to remember a world without COVID-19.

In March 2020, the pandemic changed day-to-day life as we knew it. Professionals who hopped on a plane several times a week for work found themselves grounded at home. Families and friends and colleagues missed out on normal celebrations, outings, gatherings. Stuck at home with almost nothing to do except work and worry about supply shortages, mask mandates, vaccine availability, and (for some) their children’s remote learning needs, people from all walks of life found themselves with plenty of reasons to feel dispirited. It was easy to become dismayed. It was easy to become bitter.

The Alumni Society Class of 2021 became neither.

They didn’t let anything—not even a global pandemic—get in the way of their goals. They adapted. They got creative. We daresay they even got scrappy.

The result: they continued leading their teams and meeting major professional milestones under tremendous pressure and with exceptional grace. Not only that, they found many reasons to be grateful, to reflect on the positives in their lives, and to figure out how they could be the best leaders possible in their rapidly changing industries.

For these reasons and more, The Alumni Society is thrilled to spotlight these ten exceptional Latino and Latina leaders. They’ve gotten themselves, their teams, and their families through an exceptionally tough time and have come out stronger for it. And they’re not resting easy. They’re keeping an eye towards the future of their industries—and the next professional goals they want to surpass. Their companies are lucky to have them, and we’re proud to know them.

Meet The Class of 2021

Meet The Class of 2021