Andrés Tapia and Dr. Robert Rodriguez
Creating the Guide to Latino Career Success

A conversation with Andrés Tapia and Dr. Robert Rodriguez about their newest book, Auténtico: The Definitive Guide to Latino Career Success

Making a Name for Herself in Communications

Entercom’s Esther-Mireya Tejeda speaks on her new role at the media company and her passion for diversifying the communications and PR industry

The Alumni Society Remembers Lisa Garcia Quiroz

The former Alumni Society board member and Time Warner’s first chief diversity officer devoted to strengthening and advancing the Hispanic community across industries

Goldman Sachs: Being a Great Place to Work

We are one of only five companies – and the only financial services firm – to be included on the list every year since its inception,

Lilly Values Latino Customers and Employees

Employee resource groups (ERGs) like the Organization of Latinos at Lilly (OLA) are a key to driving innovation at Lilly and contribute to successful business outcomes in several major ways.

Jacob Arias: Product of His Father’s Love, Support and Wisdom

Jacob Arias shares the influence his father and The Alumni Society board member Victor Arias has had on his life, and offers the greatest bits of advice he’s received.

VamosVentures to Fill a Critical Investment Gap and Fuel Network Growth

Founder Marcos Gonzalez discusses his company’s unique position to help early-stage, tech-enabled companies led by Hispanic and other minority entrepreneurs

Spotlight: Latino Entrepreneurship in the US

The Alumni Society recently sat down with Natassia Rodriguez Ott to discuss her background, the study’s findings, and the power of being part of an organization you believe in.

Diversity Isn’t Visible

Every person is an amalgam of identities—some obvious, many not. The Alumni Society explores when and how to nurture those roles in the workplace.

How to Diversify the Corporate Leadership Suite

“Ryder had, in the early 1990s, zero diversity at the top. Today we have a leadership team that is 50 percent diverse, a board that is 55 percent diverse, and a CEO that is 100 percent Latino.”