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Gilbert Casellas

From a young age, Gilbert Casellas learned that when you are given an opportunity, you must take it. Casellas grew up in 1950s Florida, where laws forced people to officially separate themselves along racial lines.

Monika Mantilla

When corporate board members sit down for a presentation, Monika Mantilla is rarely the person they expect to see. Knowing that hasn’t stopped her.

José Estabil

José Estabil always knew he was going to be a scientist. Growing up in South Florida, he might not have predicted that he would one day hold numerous US patents and author several important papers on semiconductor metrology—but he was convinced he was going to be a scientist.

Aída Álvarez

Despite the challenges facing young minority women in 1970s Brooklyn, Aída Álvarez knew she wanted to go to college.

Glenn Flores

As a distinguished pediatrician, Dr. Glenn Flores has become a leading advocate for improving children’s health and recognizing the disparities of care within minority communities.

Hernan Saenz

In 1988, armed with two old Samsonite bags, Hernan Saenz boarded a flight from San Jose, Costa Rica, destined for Boston.

Juan Sabater

Though he has lived in the continental United States since he was a teenager, it’s his Puerto Rican roots that define Juan Sabater.

Javier Farfan

If you ask, Javier Farfan will tell you life is good. He has a soon-to-be wife named Nathalie, a new baby, and a new job as vice president of marketing for Verizon.

Maria Lopez-Bresnahan

In colleges, companies, and every online article written to help young professionals, a common refrain is echoed: network as much as possible, and find a mentor.

Jose Fernandez

Most children find discussions of Shakespeare challenging, but for Jose Fernandez, the discourse was especially difficult—he didn’t speak English.