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The Alumni Society to Host First Regional Event

SAN FRANCISCO — Netflix will present The Alumni Society’s Catalyst event at the Clift Hotel. Members from Google, Salesforce, Wells Fargo, and more will connect and brainstorm.

Netflix to Sponsor Catalyst Event

SAN FRANCISCO — Netflix will sponsor of The Alumni Society’s Catalyst event in San Francisco. The network works to push the boundaries of storytelling and this work wouldn’t be possible without diversity of thought.

When Culture Creates a Glass Ceiling

Exploring the tension between the humility taught in Hispanic culture and the inherent authority expected in a corporate leadership role.

The Latino population is growing. Can colleges help Wall Street keep up?

If American universities want their diversity to be representative, they’ll need the help of legislatures and the private sector.

How to Diversify the Corporate Leadership Suite

“Ryder had, in the early 1990s, zero diversity at the top. Today we have a leadership team that is 50 percent diverse, a board that is 55 percent diverse, and a CEO that is 100 percent Latino.”

The Corporate Ladder is Dead

The ladder would be an accurate metaphor for mobility in corporate America—15 years ago. No longer can the climb be up the one-lane ladder; a way must be made for a communal rise.

Discussion Board: Are universities preparing Latinos for advancement in corporate America?

The “climbing the corporate ladder” adage implies a straight level of ascension in which a person advances by climbing each rung, until you reach the top.

First ever Leadership Summit brings Latino leaders to New York

One theme was apparent in every discussion at the 2015 Alumni Society Leadership Summit: Diversity is not an option; it is an imperative.

The Alumni Society’s Inaugural Leadership Summit Kicks Off in New York City

The 2015 Leadership Summit, took place June 25 at Tribeca Rooftop and kicked off with welcome remarks from Murillo, head of multicultural marketing at Google.

Latinos in Corporate America: Keys to Success Panel

By 2020, one in three Americans will be Latino, yet only 3 percent of the executive suite is represented by Latino individuals.