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Miriam Rivera

“I’m an inner-city, Spanish-speaking, low-income, free-lunch, first-in-her-family-to-go-to-college girl,” said Miriam Rivera at an awards dinner in her honor.

Marie Quintero-Johnson

Marie Quintero-Johnson was persistent. At least once per month, she went to the vice president of business development to tell him she wanted to work with him.

Marcos Gonzalez

Although Marcos Gonzalez loved the close-knit home his Mexican parents built in Los Angeles in the 1960s, he remembers thinking, “What else is out there?”

Paula Arrojo

Working hard is part of Paula Arrojo’s DNA. The daughter of Spanish immigrants, Arrojo watched her parents give everything to build a life in America.

R. Martin Chavez

There’s a famous scene in the classic 1967 film The Graduate in which a family friend approaches Dustin Hoffman’s character with an unprompted bit of advice.

Clarissa Cerda

When she was a young girl growing up in Chicago, Clarissa Cerda’s father told her a story about a church sweeper.

Enrique Salem

He’s led a multibillion-dollar Fortune 500 technology company, he advises President Barack Obama on cyber crime, and he hunts for early-stage tech investments at Bain Capital Ventures—but Enrique Salem didn’t set out to become a thought leader.

Luis Sierra

Leading a $6 billion business unit for one of the largest and most influential companies in the world is no small task.

Paul Diaz

One sunny day last May, Paul J. Diaz—then CEO of Kindred Healthcare—stood onstage at American University’s graduation ceremony and looked over the crowd.

Robert Sanchez

By his own admission, Ryder CEO Robert Sanchez’s journey through 15 positions in 20 years has demanded leadership in areas outside his expertise.