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Priscilla Almodovar

When Priscilla Almodovar first set eyes on Capitol Park Historic District in Detroit, Michigan, five years ago, her initial impressions of the historic Motor City neighborhood were far from positive.

Luis Ubiñas

In the 1970s, New York’s South Bronx neighborhood was the urban equivalent of the Wild West. Not the romantic interpretation seen in movies, defined by chaps and lassoes, but the historical one: loose, lawless, and lethal.

Girl Scouts CEO Named Summit Keynote Speaker

NEW YORK – Anna Maria Chávez, CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA, has been named keynote speaker for The Alumni Society’s 2016 Leadership Summit.

Michael Montelongo

He calls them his “angels along the way.” It’s a strong statement, to be sure, but it’s not an empty platitude.

Marcelo Prado

It was a moment that marked a turning point for an entire family. Marcelo Prado stood at São Paulo–Guarulhos International Airport, suitcase in hand, and said goodbye to friends and family who had gathered to see him off.

Bernadette Aulestia

Being good at something doesn’t always equate to passion.” That’s a lesson Bernadette Aulestia learned when she was just twenty-three years old.

Lou Nieto

It was the 1960s, and a young teacher stood in a small Texas schoolroom in front of a group of third graders.

Indrani Franchini

Indrani Franchini needs more room on her business card. This year, Hess Corporation’s vice president and chief compliance officer added assistant corporate secretary to her title.

Jonathan Avila

When Jonathan Avila began his legal career at CBS in 1992, the Harvard Law School graduate was thrown into the world of privacy and security.

Gilbert Casellas

From a young age, Gilbert Casellas learned that when you are given an opportunity, you must take it. Casellas grew up in 1950s Florida, where laws forced people to officially separate themselves along racial lines.